Sometimes seeing is believing. There are some powerful videos out there, I just can’t help but share. Be sure to keep checking this page, I plan to add more videos as I come across content that inspires, encourages and ignites us to best the best version of ourselves.


Let’s start with one of my favorite inspirational women, Brené Brown, researcher, author, phD and self-proclaimed story-teller. She is one of the most insightful people I have ever come across. Her words of wisdom are so insightful and so spot on, you’ll feel like she’s talking directly to you.


Marie Forleo is one of leading female entrepreneurs. For 20 years she has made a name for herself as a life coach and is now also an author, motivational speaker and host of her own podcast and online TV show. Her unstoppable mindset is possible the number one attribute she can attribute to her unending success as a business woman.



Looks are not everything, but in today’s society it sure can seem that way. What always amazes me is how quickly we are to judge other based on their looks. I can go for a walk with my son in the morning, hair a wreck and no makeup on and then 2 hours later I might be all dressed up makeup done and heels on. So before you jump on that woman in the store with spit-up in her hair, remember that last night she might have been a knock out. It’s not always about how you look, but the confidence and courage you present to the world. I love this TED Talk by Cameron Russell, an underwear model, who touches on this very subject.